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Arian Mostaedi

"Find your own Barcelona"

I am an entrepreneur, interior decorator, design book publisher, apartment owner and apartment manager. My major expertise, however, is the depth with which I know beautiful Barcelona. I have a privileged knowledge of the areas, the neighborhoods, the different types of life and everything you need to find your perfect home. Let me help you find the Barcelona made for you.



Find the perfect place

I do the search, organize the paperwork, get you the best place so you can get there and live it.


There's much to see, we'll find the perfect place for you.


When you get that fantastic place, make it completely yours. 


A great space requires great taste. Furniture shopping done right.


Live your own Barcelona!


Paperwork, taxes, ownership. We have you covered.

What are you looking for?

Let us know your needs, we'll contact you as soon as possible. 

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